There’s now indication of a growing audience ready for something different.

Despite mixed reviews, Samsung’s S4 sales hit 10 million in 27 days, compared with 50 days for the S3.

It’s the fastest ever sell rate for any of its smartphones.

In Q4, Strategy Analytics estimated that 27.4 million iPhone 5 smartphones shipped worldwide versus 15.4 million Galaxy S3’s.

Last quarter, Apple is estimated to have shipped over 37 million iPhones. Samsung shipped 70 million, led by strong sales of the S3 and Note 2.

Overall, Samsung accounted for almost 31 percent of all smartphones sold in the period, while Apple had 18 percent. (The same time last year, the two were only 5 percentage points apart.) 

  1. rivetingcrush said: The interesting thing is that Apple never led by sales volume. They do lead in overall profit generated from smart phone sales if I remember correctly. Samsung is largely capturing the lower end of the cost spectrum.
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