Random Startup Ideas

- “Money & Messages” : kiosks installed in homeless shelters that let guests communicate with family through simple email system and receive money on preloaded cards (with restrictions maybe? - food, meds, etc). By using machine to check for funds, guests are agreeing to let family know their current location. Service fee on money transfers split with shelters to encourage their installation. Why? by law, shelters can’t disclose who’s there but many homeless have family they’re not trying to hide from, but are just mentally ill and/or have no means of communications

- “Who googles Better?” Multi player trivia game where goal is to google your way to the correct answer quicker than opponent. Bonus points for not falling for highly ranked but factually incorrect links. Scoreboard ranks winners by devices, OS’s, location too. (Androids vs iPhones!)

- GeoJobs: location-based, passive job search engine. Only one button to get started: on or off. Using LinkedIn data and skills/endorsements/keywords etc., mobile app pings you when you’re in a location (a business, walking nearby, visiting a friend at work, etc.) which is hiring for position matching your skill set. HR manger gets real-time alerts (for hard to fill positions!) , can message you in app to drop by and say hi while there. Practical for “normals” too: by scouring job ads (eg like Indeed.com) can tell you if restaurant needs waitstaff, local retailer is hiring salespeople, etc.

- GymCookie: MyFitnessPal-like calorie tracking app where you enter in the equipment you’re about to get on (treadmill, bike, etc.) at gym, and it tells you the settings you need to configure to match your goal (lose 10 lbs) or how to correct your failings that day (ate 2 cookies, eg)

- InstaNanny: subscription-based babysitting service. Like Care.com in terms of vetting sitters, but instead of having to contact sitters, check schedules, arrange times, etc., you just “push a button” and sitter would arrive in 30-60? mins. to take the job. Uber-like rating system + ability to block sitters you didn’t like so won’t be matched again + favorite ones you do like to make algorithm better. Could work outside major metro markets too! (Possible spinoff: InstaPetNanny)

- 10 Minute Books: stay a part of water cooler gossip without having to actually read drivel like “50 Shades…” Gives you the Reader’s Digest Condensed version, some notable quotes, and talking points / discussion starters. Bundle with actual eBook and audiobook subscriptions so people can waste time reading/listening to books they really like (which might also possibly be “50 Shades…”)

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